Sunday, November 15, 2009

Make a fantastic wish (: + others

Today, 11/11/ 2009 (2+0+0+9=11) , at 11h 11 min 11 sec am/pm. We will have 2 amazing chances to make a wonderful wish! Hey everyone! Its the most wonderful yet tragic day today as it is rememberance day and we will be able to make a super fantastic wish! Can you see all those eleven's?! That's right there are 6 eleven's in this wonderful day and you are able to make a wish! ( LATE)

+Check out what i've been up to in the sewing lifestyle!

Hey everyone, as the first term comes to an end on the 27th, all teachers (well almost) have come up with a "great" idea to give many projects and tests! How great is that!? Anyways, all of last night and this morning i have finished making my backpack! And recently in sewing class i just received my zipper shirt that i have been working on for the past... month or so. Which i received an exilerating 92% DAMN! I can hear those bells in my mind making a big AAAAAAAAAA noise (: Anyways i just dropped by to give you a heads up on what i have been doing


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