Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surprise! It's me (:

Just in advance! I'm sorry i haven't blogged in quite awhile, school has been busy. Teachers keep loading the homework, projects, and tests/quizes. But I'm here now so be happy! I'll just tell you of whats been going on and whats coming up to  keep you in the loop of things. So how are you guys? I'm doing fine, other than the pack full of homework and the very busy schedule. With volleyball practice on monday, volleyball games on tuesday and thursday, volunteering at a school on wednesday, baby sitting on the weekend. All except friday, where i can actually take a nap and relax a bit.

I'm quite excited for halloween! It's in two weeks and i've finally found what im going to be or who i'm going to be! Since im very obsessed with "Where the wild things are" i've decided to be Max! Of course they don't sell those costumes since its new and all but i've decided to make one, out of my uncles old XL sweater. Unfortunetly it's not beige, but greenish-gray and it's not able to fully cover my body, but it will have to do! I will be wearing this to the upcoming dance on October 29th (thursday). Im so pshyced!

Baby is born!
Yesterday at around 11:42 my new baby brother Lukas was born (: I am very excited to see him and i can't wait to be able to hold him in my arms. Welcome to the big world Lukas!

Other notices...
Since the last time i wrote was around 2-3 week ago... wow... when i was still sick. I may have left out a few things of what has happened since then.

- I am a proud member of student council! Grade 10 Rep, Baby
- I am a member of the Junior Volleyball Team. I play middle
- Unfortunately my grandpa was found to have cancer
- My boyfriend is sick since the 15th, he might have mono or strepthroat ):
- My boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 months on the 13th.
- We experienced Hell Week for the first time in volleyball...was it a pain? was HELL (30th-2nd)

And thats whats been going on! Well i'll talk to you guys later and i'll tell you how life is (:


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