Sunday, December 27, 2009

The fine fine holidays

So it's been over a month since i've messaged you of my latest adventures or stories i should tell you and i've decided i should toon back in! I think i will make that my one of my new years resolutions! So what's happened since November 15th? Dont worry you haven't missed much! Just this...

November has been full of trouble and of high levels of stress due to the fact that there was at least 2 projects/ tests every week! Due to the fact that November 28th was the end of the term. Which is probably why i haven't talked to you guys in ages! Sorry!
December was the begining of the "Can school just hurry up and finish?" December we received our report cards which i wasn't so proud up, which came to my second new years resolution. Limit my outside activities and study more! Horrible, yes, but truly nessescary. The last day was one of the most enjoyable days since we got let out early and there was an assembly. And as soon as the assembly ended, WE WERE FREE!!!
December 24th : I went to my boyfriends family dinner to celebrate Christmas eve, it was very fun. Aren't they just so sweet? His parents bought me a gift, even though they didn't have to!
December 25th: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Hope all of you got fat and ate lots and lots of leftovers or a hole bunch of Christmas dinner. What did i get for christmas?

What'd i get?:
- fererro rocher
- orb hoodie
- smorkin plush labbit
- diy munny
- check ($60)
- purdy's nuts
- joe fresh style pajamas
and probably more that i haven't gotten yet.

December 26th: BOXING DAY! Today was hectic, well i wasnt really there to see it unfold. I went to metrotown today at 9-12. What did i buy? THESE BEAUTIFUL HEELED ANKLE BOOTS!

and a pair of tights, as well as some stuff my mom wanted me to get her. Later on we hit the roads again and went to a store on main street, where my boyfriend bought plenty of shirts (2) at Voltage. Then i went home.

What I will be doing for the rest of the break? (One more week! D:)
- Celebrating my birthday (30th)... i'll tell you about it and i'll post up some photos
- Celebrating New Years!.... i'll tell you what i did, add some pictures and tell you my resolutions
- Studying... as sad as it sounds i'm going to write notes of all my first term classes, so that when provincials and final exams come by, ill do fantastic. As well as start some projects our teachers assigned us due one week after the first week of school.
- Thrieft shop shopping at Value Village with my dear friend KatSo.

Anyways, Happy holidays you guys (:


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