Saturday, September 26, 2009

My week...

What a week its been! First of all my cousin or someone got me sick 4 days before student elections (Sept. 22,2009) and i had to do a big speech in front of my whole grade! Secondly, I had volleyball tryouts right after school and before that, Monday, I had picture day! FANTASTIC! right? Well it was alright, perhaps.

Monday: Picture day.
Monday, i was so tired and i felt horrible, but since it was picture day, i had to try and to look and act well. I went to my first class (Socials) and presented our rap of the Canadian anthem with my partner Ben, which we recently found out are mark of 19/20 BOOYA! This was our rap:

Nous sommes les canadiens de CB a TNO
Pays divers de beaucoup de langues 
Anglais, Autochtones nous sommes tous amis
Nous sommes un beau pays juste entend ceci
Il en a dix provinces et trois territoires
Une riche histoire, plus que vous pouvez savoir

Humains, castors, ours, saumons vivent en harmonie et ├ęgalit├ęs
Joyeux Canada, notre histoire, notre province! 

And that was our 19/20 rap. 2nd block (sewing) wasnt interesting, we did a test which i got a B on, it was on the parts of the machine. During that block i got my pictures taken, just a little bit before lunch. Then after i got my pictures taken i got to leave cause i felt sick. 
 Tuesday: Volleyball + Elections.

 I decided not to go for the first 2 classes because i still felt sick and i wanted to feel somewhat better before the speeches (3rd block). After a couple more hours of sleeping, practicing and eating, it became lunch time (at school) so i decided to go to school. 3rd block came by and i was last to do my speech out of 18 candidates, yes 18, we only got a minute to do our speech because of the number of people. As soon as speeches were over, we got to vote during the same block in our classes. Unfortunately, my class didn't get to vote because i think the teacher forgot. Next class was math which was boring as....ever. Then was tryouts, supposedly i had heart burn since it hurt inside while i ran, spiked and everything. All i hoped for was to make the team.

Wednesday: Judgment.
So Wednesday was judgment day, we got to find out who were the 3 grade representatives and who made the team. The names of the people who made the team weren't posted and are still not posted until Monday (supposedly). As for the 3 candidates, were revealed during announcements. Emma Woo, Darren Du & Nia Basilan (: YAY! I made it.

Thursday: Science Quiz.
Nothing really happened on Thursday other than the science quiz which was around 20 multi-choice and 3 written. Which i found was fairly easy.

Friday: Pro D Day for few, High Five for others
For me, i had to go to a program at school called High Five from 9-4.


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