Saturday, September 12, 2009

We all waited for this day... School.

School has finally arrived on this week. Waking up early, catching the bus and listening to the teachers for an hour while playing with your pen to try and entertain yourself. Isn't this fantastic? No... it's not. This year is the mid point of highschool, grade 10. During this grade a lot of us are split up (well at my school). Some of us joined the Trek program, some of us have sadly changed schools (miss you leigh, chris, marco, nicole!), some of us are in Pre-IB and the rest are surviving the school year.

School has been the same, boring. i'll answer a few questions that may be on your mind.

Q: How was the first week of school?
A: It was alright, despite the first day which was raining. I've gotten to meet some new teachers i never had before.
Mr. Clark - FI Social Studies 10
Ms. Peterson - Fashion Design 11
Ms. Deshner - English 10
Mr. Lopez - PE Leadership
Mr. Stuart - Principals of Mathematics 10
As well as some new friends! Yuan and Karen, both in my Sewing class.

Q: Are you satisfied with your classes?
A: Well... Sure, I was hoping to have one of my favorite teachers, Ms. Calder, to be one of my teachers, but i didn't. Although she will be coaching the grade 9/10 volleyball team. Which i have signed up for and is going to attend on September  16th and 17th. There's also the fact that in my PE class there are only around 6-9 girls in our class, because almost everyone took PE Online during the summer. Other than that, i can say, "Sure I'm quite satisfied with my classes"

Q: How does a regular school day go?
A:  A regular school day is from 8:30am - 3:15pm, other than Friday which is 8:30am - 1:55pm throughout Monday- Friday. Our week is split from a day 1 on one day, to a day 2 the next, then a day 1 again, repeating each day. The day is split into 4 periods, period 1,2,3,4. Each class is around 1 hour long with a 10-15 min break in between and an hour lunch between period 2 and 3. And that's really it, until period rotations kick in changes the order or the periods. Rotation #1: 1,2,3,4. Rotation #2: 3,4,1,2. Rotation#3: 2,1,4,3. Rotation #4: 4,3,2,1. These rotations are usually after 2 1/2 - 3 months. And that's really it!

Q: School supplies, what should you need?
A: Of course the school supplies shopping! Here's a list of stuff I usually get to pass the year.
  • Binders ( I prefer the floppy ones because they are lighter and easier to put in your locker as well as in your bag)
  • Dividers ( A way to keep organized, I usually divide my binders in 3 parts; Notes, Work, Test/Quizes. Unless told otherwise)
  • White-out ( A pen's best friend, teachers usually like their assignments written in pen. It looks neater and doesn't smudge.)
  • Pens x4 ( Pens in different colours. I prefer to have red, black, blue and green/purple.)
  • Lined paper & Graphing paper (You will need loads of lined paper, as for graphing paper only get 100 or less because you only need it in Math and/or Science)
  • Mechanical pencil/ pencils ( I prefer to get mechanical pencils for i like my writing to be skinny)
  • Led *optional ( This depends if you get a mechanical pencil. Be sure you check what kind of led your pencil needs! It's usually 0.7 or 0.5)
  • Eraser ( To remove your big mistakes)
  • Pencil Sharpener ( To sharpen your pencil as well as pencil crayons)
  • Ruler ( This is usually for math, but it's good to underline your titles and if your told to make lines)
  • Highlighters (They are very useful to have, when you are going to have a quiz or text and you want to underline the important parts of your text/notes)
  • Scissors *optional ( Some classes only have a limited supply of scissors, I rather have my own!)
  • Glue Stick *optional ( Some classes only have a limited supply of glue, I rather have my own!)
  • Graphing Calculator ( TI84 plus, good for math)
  • Math kit (Usually contains a protractor, a compass, ruler, pencil etc. This is good for math)
  • Pencil Crayons/ Coloured Pencils *optional ( Unless you want to use the old "just found on the ground" pencil crayons, i encourage you to get your own.
  • USB *optional ( This is great for saving school work from the computer to bring home. Great for transporting Powerpoint projects)
  • Agenda  *optional( Most schools offer this with your school fee, but if they don't, you should get one! They are really useful and they keep you organized for the year.)
  • Duotang/ Folder *optional ( I like to have one so i can put my homework or notes in it. It's easier than bringing your whole binder home!)
  • Pencil Case ( To hold your pens and stuff)
  • Bag/ Messenger bag/ Backpack ( Depends if you are going to use last years bag)
  • Lunch Bag *optional ( I use plastic bags, if you want to be eco-friendly you should get a nice lunch bag)
  • Shorts/ Sweats ( For gym)
  • Baggy Shirt ( For gym)
  • Running shoes ( I'm telling you, they will be dirty no matter what you do. Depending on the teacher it will be the rain or shine deal.)
  • Deoderant ( Really, do i need to tell you why?)
  • Umbrella/ Rain Jacket ( I prefer having an umbrella because you don't really get as wet)
  • Locker accessories *optional ( Wether you want a calender, a mirror, holders, magnets, anything!)
  • Lock ( For your locker!)
*Note these are just ideas of stuff you should get, you don't need everything!

Q: What is usually in your locker?
A: Wow, umm... I usually keep my jacket/ sweater in there, my bag, my books (im not using are usually on the shelves), extra supplies, locker accessories, gym bag (shoes, shorts, shirt, deoderant, hair band), a pair of extra clothes (just in case). Anything really!

* Don't leave valuables in lockers, i usually carry a bag with me with my Ipod, Phone and wallet, anything valuable should be kept close by to you, unless you trust the school and the students.

Q: Lunches, what should i bring?
A: It's usually up to you! You can buy your lunch in the cafeteria or you could make it at home. I suggest you dont bring anything that can get squished because you will have some problems...
  • Juice (Container or juice box)
  • Food ( Sandwhich/ left overs in a container)
  • Snacks ( For breaks; fruit/bars/chips/ anything)
  • Water ( Anytime during the day)
Anyways if you've got any questions i'm sure to try and help you! Happy Schooling!



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