Saturday, September 5, 2009

The making of many projects yet to come

I've been thinking lately of the many projects im interested of making during my busy/ stressful time at school. Of course there will be that time where i want to sit back and let my stress drift away and i've decided to sew. As long with whatever projects my friends and family want me to do.

- McCall's M5586
- McCall's M5388
- Duffle Tote
- Ruffled Totebag
- Soho Slouch Tote
- Necklace
- Mannequin
- Snack Bag
- Reusable Sandwhich Bag
- Owl Brooch
- T-shirt Dress
- Bow Bag
- Gilet

And that's my list for now. If i have anymore i'll be sure to post it up! I'm starting to get excited, my list will expand as well as my knowledge. I'll be posting up some steps on different things i learned as well. Thanks a bunch, i'm excited!


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