Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Habits...

So I'm guessing you guys want to know a bit more about me, right? Like what is my usual schedule and so on. So here it is.

Waking up
I usually wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, the light coming through my window or even people talking (i.e. my brother). All depending on what day it is. Whether it's a weekday or a weekend it usually changes. But everything is the same, I'm so tired and a bit cranky. What time you say? I would say 6-6:30 on weekdays because i want to take a shower, before it's being used (around 7) and because i want to have breakfast, which usually doesn't happen because I'm too busy getting ready (yes, i know it's bad.) On weekends, i would say i wake up at 10:30-12 depending what time i slept last night and how tired i am. I usually have brunch on those days because i don't need to rush.

The Day

This usually depends if i planned something with my friends or family, or even my family plans things. There's also the big factor that I'm a student, so indeed i go to school (ugh...) On weekdays my days are planned in days, day 1 and day 2, which consists of 4 classes per day (english, fi science, fi socials, math, elective, p.e., french, planning) *fi = french immersion.

Almost there
After whatever adventure I've had i take more shoes off, remove my jacket and bag and lie in my bed, unless I'm totally hungry, then i go get a small snack like a banana or something. But after my long day it is split up in different parts.

1. Relaxation: Either I lie on my bed and fall asleep or pig out and eat everything in my fridge of any sweets to eat.
2. Homework: As much as i hate it, I've got to remain a good student by doing my homework, studying and the various projects.
3. The Invention of Modern Technology: Well lets say as soon as my laptop is on, you can see me typing for long periods of time! When I log on, i instantly click the four buttons in my "bookmark bar" which are, Facebook, Twitter, Burdastyle, and my Blog. As well as opening these in Mozilla Firefox, I next sign myself into Msn or as they call it "Windows Live Messenger". And when all of these are on, I surf the net. Usually trying to find my next project.
4. Munching time: This usually depends what my parents are making and what time everyone gets off at. Either way my parents are excellent cooks. Love the food every time, unless its bland, which is sometimes when they try something new.
5. The Cellular Device: Later on my boyfriend calls me up and we talk about anything that comes across our mind, which is over until i get ready for bed and go to sleep.

The Evening
This is when i sleep and say good night to all the facebookers, the twitterbugs, my fellow bloggers, my friends and family. I snuggle up under my warm comforter and i slowly drift away....zZzzzZzzZZZz...