Monday, August 31, 2009

Using the 3 R's

As we know, we've learned from our parents to recycle more than to throw out. So I've been thinking green lately. I've thought of sewing with what I have than to throw it all out or to let it collect dust. How about i reuse the fabric from previous projects or even old clothes that i don't wear anymore. Today i was ruffling through some bags and boxes when i encountered something great! My old baby clothes! Full of bright colours and eye catching design. I may be able to attach them together and make a quilt (full of memories) or make them into shoes and sell or donate them to those who need them. Well i'm excited!

Great news! I recently learned how to use a twin needle... unfortunately one of the needles broke :( Looks like i got to buy another one! Talk to you guys next week!



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