Monday, August 3, 2009

Looking through the glass...

So today is my sewing month, which is the month i start to sew like crazy! and i mean crazy. Although i will make a blog every week or so, whether I'm busy or not.
You all are probably wanting to know whats my next big project.
And it is...

Le Sac Dress!
A few days ago I went to American Apparel with a friend to find out how they made the Le Sac Dress. Which is actually that most easiest thing you could every make for less then the price that its retailed for (fyi. $45!) The only big challenge is the long string that comes with it. For that i would either have to buy it or simply make it or find something to replace it like ribbon or something like that. Colour is another big thing you've got to think of, for the fabric that is. I believe I'm going to go for a more natural look. My colour choices for this dress are navy, mustard yellow, light grey or perhaps a lilac. I'm also thinking about adding a design at the bottom? or perhaps not making it a straight cut, but more flowy at the bottom, like AA's Bandeau.

- 2 yrds/ m of fabric - knit(stretchy)
- ribbon/string
- thread ( depending on the colour of the fabric)
**and thats really it...
- i found this website that's useful;)

With all my free time, i think i should be done before the end of the month! It should take around a day or so depending how I'm feeling and how long i want to work on it. I can't wait, i will also be doing some of the clothes my friends want me to do! More so the people that i measured!

*** I need to measure the rest of you, except Jawa
****OOOH! i decided im going to make it 2 toned! you'll see ;)


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