Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer thing

Hey you guys, I've gotten so many people asking me to make something so i decided with all the free time in the summer ill go and do that =)all i need is for you guys to do the following:
1) choose a pattern ( I'll buy it)
2) ha, I've got to measure you ( depending on what the product is)
3) you buy the fabric, i am not buying it >< ( i can come with you to help you out though!) 4) i may give a little fee? but not too much =) don't want you spending a fortune!
so here are the pattern websites:
(just click anything under the column patterns and send a message to me =)If you guys want anything on it? i will try my best

well here it goes =)
** Note : I will put K3U on the product
*** PS Its easier to get a simplicity or mcalls pattern because the store isn't far from me... note it may be longer for a vogue or butterick pattern


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